10 Social Media Tips For Every Business

The popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest has grown to become part of our daily lives and also an incredibly important medium for leads and visitors. To take advantage of this rather new marketing medium, you need to get serious about your social media marketing efforts and develop a proper strategy.

Planning a Social Media Marketing Strategy

The very first stage of every successful social media marketing strategy is planning – failing to plan your strategy properly will lead to no results. To make the right plan, here are few ways to make planning social media marketing strategy work for you:

• Set realistic goals and learn how to measure results – the essence of the successful social media marketing campaign is setting realistic goals and knowing the right metrics to measure your performance. Some of the most common goals set by marketers include building customer awareness and sharing information about your business. Depending on your main goals, you can choose metrics to measure your performance such as amount of new followers gained or social reach/number of shares for particular piece of content.

• Find your target audience – with social media marketing segmentation is extremely important, so it’s important to be as detailed about your audience as possible. It’s also important to find out where you can find people from your target group, so you can dedicate extra marketing resources to these channels. The better you choose your target audience, the easier it will be to nurture a strong community of followers later on.

• Prepare content and promotion schedule – one of the key aspects of every social media marketing campaigns is good content and well done promotion, so you need to prepare a detailed plan about what you are going to share with your followers and how you will promote your business and products. It’s highly recommended to make a schedule and decide exactly what content you will publish during your campaign before the start, as it will make handling it a lot easier.

The Social Media Marketing Campaign

Once you have laid down the outlines of your social media marketing campaigns, it’s time to decide on other important aspects of the campaign, which also play vital role in its success. Here they are:

• Choose the best social network for your niche – although, the major social networks are just few, there are dozens of smaller ones, which can help you promote your business and products. The choice for social network depends entirely on your niche – if your offer services to business and business owners, LinkedIn is the best place to promote yourself, but if you run for example a taxi service, you might consider using Facebook as your main social media channel.

• Focus on transparent and open communication – social networks allow companies to reach directly to their customers and you must implement this key advantage in your social media marketing campaign. You can use your social media accounts to allow people to share feedback about your products or services. Remember to never delete negative posts and feedback, instead always address the issue politely, show that the customer has been heard and try to use it to improve your business.

• Listen to your followers – when most webmasters hear social media marketing, they often imaging sharing promotional content about the particular business or a product. At least at the beginning of your social media marketing campaign, you should consider listening to your followers rather than promoting your own products or services all the time. You must feel when it’s the right time to start promoting your content, a sign could be when some of your followers start to ask you questions about what you offer.

• Avoid over-sharing – many business owners often forget that most of the content they share on every social network is publicly visible and tend to share content that is not really appropriate to their goals. Remember that sometimes what’s appropriate for your social media friends, might even be offensive to some people.

• Avoid over-promotion – the social networks are far more than a place where you can constantly post various links to your products and talk about your business all the time. They are a place where people connect, so your potential followers expect you to behave as if you are part of this network, not just another person, who blatantly promotes his business.

• Be active every day – social media marketing is not limited to the execution of just one promotional campaign, you must create a social media routine and follow it daily. If your account remains inactive for more than several weeks, this is never a good sign!

• Create a community – social media marketing will help you build a strong following and then it’s your job to turn in into active community of people talking about your business and sharing your products. This is probably the hardest part of every social media marketing campaign, but it’s definitely the most rewarding one. Try to think outside the box and create something engaging for your followers, this is going to pay off big time.

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