5 Reasons To Pursue A Career In Marketing

A career in marketing can prove a highly lucrative path. As well as working towards a marketing director post with a salary that tops £100,000 you can progress a marketing career in virtually any industry or sector and you can enjoy a career which takes you all over the world. Businesses will always require marketing to ensure that they stay afloat and remain profitable and, if you enjoy researching and developing new products in unique areas, then marketing is one of the best available positions for you.

1 – Opportunities For Advancement

Whether you enter the workforce armed with a degree in marketing, a recognised online marketing qualification or start at the bottom in a bid to work your way up the rungs of the ladder you will find numerous opportunities to advance. The marketing sector is a broad one and businesses always demand the best names to represent their organisation. You may find advancement within your own organisation or your career path could lead through other organisations to reach the upper echelons of your marketing career.

2 – Be Creative 

Successful marketing will usually require that you think outside the box. There are numerous companies typically offering the same product and, in reality, it is the effectiveness of an organisation’s marketing that will lead to that company’s success. If you can turn your hand to writing, illustration, video production, web design, or other creative forms of marketing then you will not only increase your stock but you will find greater achievements in your career too.

3 – Be In Constant Demand

Marketing is, to some degree, recession proof. Businesses in every industry will always need to market and advertise their services in some way. Budgets may be cut and restructuring may occur, especially in difficult economic times, but if you are at the top of your game or can show skill at getting the greatest results from a limited budget you will enjoy being in constant demand by some of the biggest names in business. There are many types and channels of marketing, too, giving you the chance to add new strings to your bow.

4 – Changing Marketing Horizon

Business changes and so too do consumer trends. For example, online commerce was barely a consideration 15 years ago, but now we are not only more inclined to purchase online but we are becoming increasingly likely to embark on a mobile shopping spree using nothing more than our smartphones and credit cards. You can become a part of this dynamic environment and, by becoming an early adopter of emerging technologies and trends you not only become more highly sought after but you can help ensure the longevity of your career and your success.

5 – Choose Your Industry And Your Location

With so many businesses within such a wide variety of industries looking for a wide range of marketing candidates, there is great opportunity to work within an industry that appeals to you. In fact, working in an industry that holds some lasting appeal may help ensure that you offer your best work. Whether you love renewable energy or have a lifetime of experience within the farming machinery industry you can put this experience and knowledge to great use for yourself and those industries in general. This variety of positions also means that you can essentially choose where you would like to work.

Your Marketing Career

Marketing is a huge industry and one that will survive economic downticks as well as expansions. Businesses will always need quality marketers who are able to identify markets, research new products, and release products to market. They will always need professionals that can sell those products and keep customers coming back for more time and time again.

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