Average salary for Online Marketers

It’s very hard to try and work out exactly what the average wage is for the legions of online marketers out there. Most online marketers tend to work for themselves, either as a sole trader, or through a Limited company – therefore it’s impossible to create a breakdown ofhow much they earn on average.

Here are some very rough figures to consider:

  • SEO consultants can earn around £70,000 per year
  • PPC consultants can expect to earn around £50,000 per year
  • A social media manager can expect to earn around £40,000 per year

Of course these figures are just very rough estimates – and if anything the likelihood is that online marketers in the above sectors are earning a lot more. There are some things that will affect the amount you can earn as an online marketer, these include:

  • The location of your clients
  • Your training and certifications
  • The types of businesses you cater for

Those marketers offering services in big cities like London or Manchester can expect to charge more, because competition for rankings is likely to be higher. If you’re ranking dentists in London, there will be lots of surgeries all looking for the number one spot for the same keywords – thus driving the amount of work you need to put in right up –and therefore the cost.

The type of businesses that you cater for will determine how much you can charge clients. If you work for dentists, for example, the leads you generate are likely to sign up and stay with the same dentist for many years – therefore you can charge more. If you have formal training and awards in programs like Google AdWords you may also be able to charge more, because clients like to see real credentials as proof of your abilities.

Don’t let the lack of figures put you off pursuing a career in online marketing, however. The fact is that most online marketers have monthly rolling contracts with clients who can pay anything from one hundred pounds, to several thousands of pounds, for their online marketing
expertise. Online marketing agencies can take thousands of pounds per month, and if it’s only you working for that agency, you can take virtually all of that income as wages – once costs and tax is paid. Internet marketing is a highly profitable business, with very few overheads.

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