Becoming a Business to Business Internet Marketer

While becoming a Business to Business Internet Marketer utilises most of the skills that would be needed if you were marketing a business to the general public there are subtle differences between the two. To be a Business to Business Internet Marketer it is essential that you have a good understanding of what Business to Business (B2B) is and how effective B2B internet marketing can assist your clients, and ultimately generate a good Return on Investment (ROI) for them.

B2B is the name for transactions between businesses, where one business provides a service to another, as opposed to B2C (Business to Consumer) which is the transaction between a business and the general public (the consumer.) There are businesses which purely operate and provide a service to other businesses, such as manufacturers of sportswear, for example, who sell their garments to a retailer (B2B), who then in turn sell those garments to the public (B2C.) Whereas the consumer in a B2C scenario makes a singular decision regarding their purchase in a B2B scenario there are likely to be several decision makers involved in purchasing and as such an effective B2B Internet Marketer needs to take these factors into account when coming up with the most suitable Internet marketing strategy for their client.

Internet Marketers who focus solely on B2B can earn a considerable salary, both as an employee and a self-employed freelancer with their own company. Whereas a qualified Internet Marketing consultant dealing mainly with clients involved in B2C could attract anything up to £70,000 per annum for those in B2B Internet Marketing this figure can be considerably higher due to the deeper level of understanding required of the clients business needs.

Online Marketing College offer several courses which can all help towards an Internet Marketer taking their first steps on the B2B Internet marketing ladder. All of our courses lead to a fully accredited BTEC diploma in their chosen subject; however for a fully comprehensive qualification we would recommend the Advanced Diploma BTEC Corporate Internet Marketing course. This course covers every topic a qualified B2B Internet Marketer needs to give them a good understanding of the industry. Additionally, those in possession of the advanced diploma BTEC in Internet Marketing will find that job offers are more forthcoming than if they just have a qualification in one of the individual elements, i.e. Search Engine Optimisation.

The courses offered by Online Marketing College can be studied for in two ways – either by distance learning or by using our blended learning system. Blended learning incorporates seminars in a class room environment, with each element being taught by a qualified tutor with expertise in that area, and home study.

The distance learning course is suited to those who are unable to attend classes at one of our four study centres located in the UK; Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and London. Despite not attending classes in one of the study centres students choosing the option of distance learning will still receive the same expert tuition from our course teachers as they would if they were taking part in the blended learning programme.

If you would like more information on our Internet Marketing course, and how it can help you with your career as a Business to Business Internet Marketer then simply complete the contact form on our home page and we will send you all the information you need. Alternatively, call 0800 879 9139 to speak to one of our Internet Marketing course advisors.

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