Becoming A Pay Per Click Consultant

How to become a pay per click consultantPay per Click advertising is one of the most effective, in terms of both cost and customers, Internet Marketing tools a business can utilise. The benefits of using PPC advertising are two fold – firstly the ad is targeted at only those who would be interested in your product based on the keywords they have entered into the relevant search engine, and secondly you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on the ad link (hence the name Pay per Click.) Most of the big Internet Marketing companies will have whole departments which specialise solely in Pay per Click campaigns, and there are a greater amount of job opportunities, employed and freelance, available to those in possession of the relevant PPC qualifications than there are to those who are not qualified. A PPC consultant who is fully qualified could potentially earn over £40,000 per annum.

Becoming a pay per click consultant entails far more than simply knowing the user interface; it requires an understanding of best marketing practice, return on investment, account optimisation and how to monitor and act upon ever-changing human behaviour.

Any PPC account can generate traffic to you or your client’s site, but it takes a professional to capture this traffic and turn it into a profitable visit. In our Pay per Click course we will teach you all you need to know to turn a PPC account into profitable enterprise, providing you with the skills to track user behaviour and generate leads at an affordable cost for both you and your clients.

All of the major search engines offer companies a Pay per Click service, although under differing names including Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo! Search Marketing and the most popular, Google AdWords. Google’s system in particular is considered to be an essential tool for a business to utilise and to have a good working knowledge of AdWords is a must if you wish to work within the Pay per Click industry.

Online Marketing College offers an accredited course specifically for Google AdWords. In the course you will learn how to set up an AdWords account and how using keywords effectively within your adverts can help to improve your revenue stream. You will also learn how to track and monitor your conversions, enabling you to stay a step ahead and adjust and improve your marketing accordingly.

Having an accredited Google AdWords qualification will improve your chances of employment, or in getting new clients if you choose to go freelance. Online Marketing College offers courses in four locations across the UK: London, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester. Our teaching style uses blended learning, where there is a combination of class room style learning and home study. If you want to enrol on our PPC training course but are unable to get to one of our four study centres we also offer an online distance course. With advice and assistance available from tutors online our distance learning courses are just as effective as our internet marketing blended learning courses.

For more information on our PPC training, or our fully comprehensive Internet Marketing course which covers every element of Internet Marketing including Pay per Click, either complete the contact form on our homepage or call us on 0800 879 9139.

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