Becoming a SEO Consultant

Becoming a SEO Consultant /ManagerIn order for a business to benefit from the revenue opportunities the World Wide Web offers it is important that their presence within a search engine is as high up as possible. In today’s faced paced and tech savvy world this means being on the first page of Google, Bing or one of the other major search engines, and preferably within the first five or ten hits on that page. Consumers do not want to be trawling through multiple pages of searches in order to find what they are looking for.

In the early days of Internet search engines it was commonplace for SEO consultants to get their clients websites that prime page one position by using a variety of methods including keyword stuffing, using hidden or invisible text or article spinning. As the years rolled on this practice has become looked down upon, with Google changing their algorithm to prevent sites that use these methods from being indexed on their search engine. SEO companies who still use these methods have gained the term “Black Hat SEO”, and are not doing their customers a service by continuing with this style of Search Engine Optimisation. On the opposite side of the spectrum are those companies who know and understand that by using keywords in the correct way and the inclusion of good quality content their website will be more likely to remain on a search engines index for a long period of time, and potentially their ranking will be on that all important first page. Companies which have an understanding of the correct and acceptable methods of Search Engine Optimisation are known as “White Hat SEO.”

Qualified SEO Managers can command high fees from their clients, and with businesses knowing the importance of having a high page ranking they are generally willing to pay top dollar for a good SEO strategy. SEO Managers starting out in the industry can expect their salary to begin in the region of £28,000 annually, however managers with accredited qualifications working for an SEO consultancy could potentially see annual earnings in excess of £40,000 – £60,000. Those deciding to go into business by themselves can also achieve this high level of income, if not more.

Online Marketing College offer a variety of accredited courses for those looking at Search Engine Optimisation as a career option. Upon completion students will have gained a BTEC in their chosen subject. Our blended learning system, available at our study centres in London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham, combines class room study with home learning. Our tutors are experts in Search Engine Optimisation and can offer unparalleled one on one tutoring throughout the course. Distance learning is also available, enabling you to study for the qualification at your own pace – this is an ideal option for anyone who cannot attend a blended learning course, or who is in full time employment. Students choosing distance learning will still be able to benefit from the experience and advice offered by the course tutor.

Applying to study for the BTEC in Search Engine Optimisation couldn’t be easier. Complete the contact form found on our home page and we will send you everything you need to know about the course, including the curriculum, cost and start dates, alternatively call us today on 0800 879 9139 to speak to our team of advisors.


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