Becoming a Social Media Manager

Any business that wants to succeed in today’s cut throat world knows that it has to utilise the range Social Media tools that are available in order to promote themselves and to attract new customers. From Facebook and Twitter through to YouTube and Google+ companies now use social media in all aspects of their day to day business. If a company is running a promotion rather than just placing an advert on their website or in a magazine they will now, in 140 characters or less, tweet details of the promotion to their Twitter followers. If just one of those followers then ‘retweets’ the promotion to their followers, and then one of those retweets again and so on and so forth, the business will have benefitted from one of the most lucrative elements of social media – free advertising. This free ‘word of mouth’ advertising is worth its weight in gold nowadays, as companies have come to realise that a person is more likely to be influenced by the recommendations of a friend or family member than by anything else.

Yet, while these companies understand the importance of social media management many, and in particular SME’s, do not have the resources available to be able to devote time to it. Certainly, these smaller companies are unlikely to be able to afford to employ a person on a full time basis who just deals with the social media requirements of the company. So, it is to the growing community of Social Media freelancers they turn to. A small to medium sized company is more likely to be willing to pay several hundred pounds per month for the services of a freelancer than they are to employ a dedicated full time social media manager directly within their own office.

A freelance social media manager who has just a couple of clients can earn a good wage each month, and those who have a recognised qualification in the field can achieve even more – £40,000 is not an unheard of annual salary for a qualified social media manager. Having a qualification in Social Media Management not only enables you to charge more for your time and expertise but also companies are more likely to choose you, with your recognised qualification, over someone without one.

How to Become a Social Media Consultant

OMC offers a range of courses in Online Marketing. Our BTEC Social Media Training course will give you the skills you need to start out in Social Media Management. Our courses can be completed in two ways – blended learning and distance learning. Blended learning combines classroom style lessons and home study, whereas distance learning is fully home based with the benefit of dedicated online tutor support available at all times.

OMC’s BTEC Social Media Training course is ideal for those wishing to forge a career within Social Media; however, for a more comprehensive qualification we also offer a course which covers all the essential elements of Online Marketing including SEO Training, Google PPC (Pay per Click) Training, Internet Marketing Training, Video Marketing and more. Having skills and a fully comprehensive qualification in all of these elements will increase your job offers and earning potential considerably.

If you would like to apply to become a social media manager simply fill in the form on our website and we will send you everything you need to know, alternatively you can call us on 0800 879 9139.


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