Becoming an Internet Marketing Consultant

Modern businesses know the importance of good internet marketing. With all the potential revenue that can be achieved via the World Wide Web it is extremely important for companies to utilise the services of Internet Marketing Consultants if they want their business to grow and flourish. Even the smallest of businesses will, at some point, need to use Internet Marketing to promote themselves.

Internet Marketing encompasses many different elements including Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (including Pay per Click and Web Analytics), Display Advertising and Affiliate Marketing. While this may seem like a broad range of disciplines to cover it is quite normal for an Internet Marketing Consultant to specialise in one niche area. Large Internet Marketing Consulting companies will have several departments, with each one dedicated to a specific niche area.  However, when considering a career as an Internet Marketing Consultant, especially if you plan to be freelance, it is important to have a good understanding of every element that Internet Marketing entails.

There is a lot of money to be made from being an Internet Marketing Consultant. Salaries within an established Internet Marketing company start at around £32,000 and, depending on experience and qualifications, can increase to in excess of £70,000 per annum. Freelance Internet Marketing Consultants can also earn within these pay brackets – and again, having the correct qualifications are the key to earning at the top tier. The demand for qualified Internet Marketing Consultants is high, and if you are in possession of the right qualifications job opportunities are ripe for the taking.

Online Marketing College offers a range of courses in Internet Marketing, each leading to a professionally recognised BTEC qualification. Each course can be studied at your own pace, either through distance learning, where you have online access to a dedicated tutor at all times, or though blended learning which combines a typical classroom set up with home study. Blended learning is offered at several locations across the UK, including London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham.

If you are the owner of a business and are looking at how Internet Marketing can benefit your company and boost your profits, or know that it is time to set up a department within your company which deals purely with your Internet Marketing speak to us about our Advanced Diploma BTEC Corporate Learning Online Marketing course.

Our Internet Marketing course covers the important elements of Internet Marketing including Google Pay per Click training, Social Media Management, utilising Google Places, Search Engine Optimisation and how to use it effectively to boost your online presence plus much more. Each of these niche areas can be studied separately, with each one leading to a BTEC in that chosen subject, however by enrolling in the Advanced Diploma BTEC Internet Marketing course which covers all of these areas the increased knowledge gained in Internet Marketing will, in turn, lead to increased job offers, or business opportunities.

For more information on the courses OMC offers and to enrol simply complete the form on our home page and we will send you all the information you require or, alternatively, call us today on 0800 879 9139.

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