Being Made Redundant or Been Made Redundant?

Redundancy is something that everyone in employment fears at some point or another during their working life. To have no control over it, the effect it has on your personal life, the not knowing if you will be able to find another job quickly enough to enable you to keep paying your bills – all of these factors can contribute to an understandable increase in a person’s stress levels.

While many look at redundancy as a terrible life event there are those who look at it as an opportunity, an opportunity they may not have previously considered. Being made redundant opens new doors, be it choosing to pack up your bags and go travelling while you decide what your next step is, going back to college, or even totally changing your career path, perhaps to go into business for yourself and become your own boss.

If your choice is the latter it is a good idea to look at an industry which, despite the current worldwide economic gloom, is prospering. The Internet is such an industry, and in particular Internet Marketing. The Internet is now an essential tool for every business wanting to effectively market themselves in order to attract new customers and retain their existing clientele. Gone are the days where business was primarily conducted face to face, now it is more commonplace for a company (even high street shops) to offer their services online. As a result of this the services of qualified Internet consultants are consistently in high demand.

The thought of becoming an Internet Consultant might seem daunting, but it need not. There are many different niche areas in which one can train, and all are in demand. From Pay per Click, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, and many more, companies are looking for qualified people with experience in these sectors to help boost and maintain their online presence.

Online Marketing College is the place to come to if you are considering a career change. We understand that changing your career path is big step and offer advice and support on what would be the best course to take to give you the qualifications needed for your chosen career. While individual courses that focus on a particular niche area are an ideal option for those already with experience within Internet marketing, for those just starting out we would advise that they consider the comprehensive Internet Marketing course. This course will give you an advanced diploma BTEC in Internet Marketing and covers every major area of the industry including Pay per Click, WordPress, Search Engine Optimisation, the importance of Social Media and how to use it effectively in business and much more.

Our blended learning system incorporates class room style learning with a tutor and home study. Our qualified tutors are all experts in their chosen field and can give you dedicated one on one support and advice to help you understand the course material and achieve your qualification. If you would like to enrol for a course but are unable to attend our class room study sessions then do not worry as we also offer all of our courses as a distance learning option.

For more information about Online Marketing College, our courses and how we can help you begin your new life as an Internet Marketing consultant call us today on 0800 879 9139, or, alternatively, fill in the contact form on our home page and we will send you all the information you need.


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