BTEC Approved College

Somewhere in the UK is an employer who desperately seeks the skills of a savvy Internet Marketer. But the Internet is a constantly evolving behemoth, and what was once relevant in the field of digital marketing soon becomes outdated.

BTEC (the Business and Technology Education Council), is a British organisation established over 25 years ago. Its goal was simple: to provide Britain with a skilled, expert workforce.

Online Marketing College is a BTEC-approved college, which gives you the confidence that you will only embark on learning programmes that have been fully accredited and recognised by one of the world’s most successful applied learning brands.

BTEC programmes are specially designed to provide students with the skills necessary to carry out duties in related work roles. They are set up specifically to teach workers how to carry out work roles and, as such, employers recognise that having a BTEC on a CV means that you have the relevant experience in their field, regardless of whether you have actually worked in an employed capacity.

BTEC courses are recognised by all educational bodies; they are not scrambled-together, uninformed programmes that teach little of real world employment. And rather than being thrown straight in, BTEC programmes are structured in a progressive manner, offering a natural way of learning, first covering the basics, and then leading up to the more expert, vocational subject matter further along the programme.

But BTEC courses are not simply about getting into work. They also provide a means by which to enter higher education, such as studying for college diplomas or even university degrees. As such, having a BTEC course is an ideal spring board for those who want to further both their education and employment prospects.

Those considering entering a BTEC course, such as our Level 3 in Internet Marketing, enjoy the confidence of knowing that all learning materials are completely up to date and relevant. This is because all BTEC programmes must offer only the most relevant courses that mirror changes within the industry.

You will never be taught outdated, irrelevant material in a BTEC-approved programme. In fact, even Google’s own accredited Adwords training course is currently outdated, teaching obsolete material. As such, our Internet Marketing programme will give you the upper hand when approaching a digital agency or other similar establishment, and they will recognise that you have been taught the most modern, relevant information.

In times of recession and economic downturn, finding a job becomes increasingly competitive. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to un-accredited programmes that seek to only take your money and provide you with irrelevant learning material. Choose a BTEC-accredited course and be taught by experts in their field, whose methods are overseen by the Business and Technology Education Council every step along the way.

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