Career Choices

There is a belief that businesses that are focused on specific areas of the Internet are, to a certain extent, recession proof. And with Google regularly updating their algorithm and making it harder for a website to achieve that all important spot on the first page of search results, anyone who has a qualification in areas such as Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation or Internet Marketing will find that their skills are in high demand.

Whether you choose to go into business for yourself or join an established company, you will find that your career path and earning potential is significantly increased if you have an accredited qualification, such as the BTECs and advanced BTEC offered by Online Marketing College.

SEO Consultant

SEO Consultants are constantly in high demand. Their unique skills and knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation make them an essential element of any business’s online presence. SEO Consultants can earn between £28,000 for an entry level professional moving up to £70,000 per annum for the top consultants.

However there is far more to a SEO consultant’s role than just trying to get their clients’ website onto the first page of Google. An experienced SEO consultant will understand that in order to optimise a site effectively they will have to dig deep within the many different layers found in the website and liaising with copywriters and the web designer to potentially  re-programme or rewrite it to improve its SEO friendliness. In addition to this there will be internal link optimisation and possibly the implementation of a back link strategy, key phrase research, META optimisation, and the monitoring and tracking of both new and existing search campaigns.

The higher paid SEO Consultants will have an understanding of more than just search engine optimisation; they will have a good knowledge of internet marketing as a whole and will work closely with the marketing team when it comes to implementing and managing an effective internet marketing campaign.

Social Media Manager

Social Media has become the most effective way to get a company’s message out to the public. It is also generally cheaper than paying for print, radio or TV advertising. Such is the importance of social media that many large companies now have whole departments dedicated to their online presence in this area. Social Media Managers who work for such a company can expect an annual salary of up to £40,000. Social Media Managers working as freelance consultants could find that their earning potential is significantly increased.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that social media management is just about posting on Facebook and Google+ or regularly updating your clients’ Twitter account. Yes, social media management does involve that but there are so much more as well such as internet marketing, brand management and representation and maintaining good customer relationships among other things. Social Media Managers also understand the urgency of the Internet, that in order to maintain a good brand reputation comments and questions posted on a social media page should be answered immediately – this includes dealing with the more negative side of social media and you will find that you become an expert in putting out what could be a potential social media fire. It does take skill, knowledge and good organisation to make it as a social media manager but with a little bit of experience behind you you will soon find your earning potential increase dramatically.

Pay Per Click Manager

Pay Per Click has become an advertising buzzword over the past few years. It is one of the most cost effective methods of advertising available and, if managed correctly, can target specific customer demographics, which should ultimately achieve increased sales or conversions. Many digital agencies will have their own Pay-per-Click team with wages varying between £20,000 for entry level staff and £40,000 for PPC Managers. Freelance PPC Consultants, with a good client base, could see their earning potential reach up to £50,000 per annum.

In addition to understanding platforms such as Google AdWords Pay Per Click Managers need to have a good working knowledge of the Internet as well as being tech savvy, they should also ideally be numerically literate and be able to use programmes such as Excel confidently.  Freelance PPC Consultants with their own client base will find that they need to have excellent communication skills in order to report and explain their actions to their clients in a clear and concise manner.

With Pay Per Click advertising being utilised by more and more business every day the demand for experienced and qualified pay per click executives is rising all the time.

In House Marketing Expert

Online Marketing College offers fully accredited courses in all of these subjects, and more. But for those hoping to become fully qualified In House Internet Marketing Experts we would recommend our Advanced BTEC Diploma Level 3 in Internet Marketing. The role of the In House Marketing Expert covers more than just marketing campaigns; they need to have a good understanding and working knowledge of all of the elements needed to improve a company’s online presence, and ultimately increase sales. The Advanced BTEC Diploma Level 3 in Internet Marketing covers all of the essential areas that an In House Marketing Expert would need to have an understanding in including Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design and Internet Marketing Strategies and additional options including PPC and Social Media among others.

Gaining a qualification in Internet Marketing can take you on your first steps towards a career as an In House Internet Marketing Expert where you can achieve potential earnings of between £28,000 and £55,000 per annum for positions within a medium to large business. Those looking to move on from an In House Marketing Expert position in order to become a freelance Internet Marketing Consultant will find that their earning potential could see a significant increase.

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