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The Bug That Can Hijack 900 Million Android Devices.

It has been discovered that a “master key” could allow hackers complete access to over 900million mobile phones and tablets that are running Google’s Android software.  Hackers are able to hijack phones through this “bug” and steal data from your phone, listen in to your phone calls and even send junk email and text messages

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The New Windows 8.1 Is Launched.

At a keynote speech at their annual conference to developers in San Francisco Microsoft have unveiled their Windows 8.1 operating system, an update on Windows 8.  There is a free test version already available for people to download but the full version of the operating system will not be available to Windows 8 users until

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The Biggest Smartphone Screen So Far!

A new waterproof Smartphone has been released with the biggest screen yet, measuring nearly twice the size of the iPhone 5 screen.  The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is being billed as the Japanese companies first “phablet” which is a smartphone-tablet hybrid. The phone has had comparisons to the fake phone used in the Trigger Happy

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Is The iPhone 5 A Rotten Apple?

Even though it was launched in a blaze of glory only last year tests on all smartphones have proven that the iPhone 5 is the slowest smartphone on the market, according to consumer watchdogs.  Processing and memory speeds were tested and the Apple handset was last out of the seven most popular phones on the

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“Tweet” Becomes An Official Word In Oxford English Dictionary

Although David Cameron famously denounced the incessant use of Twitter back in 2009 that hasn’t stopped the Oxford English Dictionary in including it into their new 2013 edition.  Although the word “tweet” has been in the dictionary for years, it has only previously been included in relation to bird song.  Now “tweet”, to post a

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Like Twitter, Facebook Introduces Clickable Hashtags.

Facebook is helping its members keep track of the most popular topics on the social media website by introducing hashtags.  If a user adds the # sign to a word then it becomes a clickable link, this will then bring up a feed about what other people are saying about this topic. Made popular by

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Google Buys $1Billion Traffic App Waze

If you haven’t heard of the app Waze before you are just about to because Google is buying the Israeli company for a reported $1billion.  This will give Google a boost in the battle in mobile mapping space against both Apple and Facebook. Many people are questioning why Google would want to part with $1billion

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Next Generation Software For iPhone and iPad.

Apple has begun a radical overhaul of the iOS software and may be taking one of the biggest gambles in its history.  They have designed a new ‘flat design’ for its new iOS 7 software but it has already received some criticism as some fear that it will backfire on Apple as it will confuse

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Marketing and Earning Revenue Through the Google Chrome App Store

Google Chrome is now the most popular web browser. In November 2012, Its popularity surpassed Microsoft Internet Explorer as the most popular browser. Part of Chrome’s success is due to the Google Chrome store, a web site which serves several types of browser applications to users. Chrome apps have become another method for internet marketing

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CMS Wars: WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla

It seems that every website owner would like to make their own website or change their existing site. The main reason for website owners to make changes themselves is to circumvent the hourly cost from what web design firms charge. Content management systems are the answer to allowing self changes. The dominating systems have been

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