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Marketing and Earning Revenue Through the Google Chrome App Store

Google Chrome is now the most popular web browser. In November 2012, Its popularity surpassed Microsoft Internet Explorer as the most popular browser. Part of Chrome’s success is due to the Google Chrome store, a web site which serves several types of browser applications to users. Chrome apps have become another method for internet marketing

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CMS Wars: WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla

It seems that every website owner would like to make their own website or change their existing site. The main reason for website owners to make changes themselves is to circumvent the hourly cost from what web design firms charge. Content management systems are the answer to allowing self changes. The dominating systems have been

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What Is Engagement Marketing?

The way in which website owners and marketers are able to interact with their users has certainly changed in recent years. Primarily, this change has been driven by the introduction and rise in popularity of social media. More and more businesses are using websites like Twitter and Facebook to interact with their potential customers. The

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What Historic PPC Spend Data Can Unearth

Ultimately a PPC campaign is only as effective as the amount of revenue it generates, whether directly through an ecommerce platform, via online leads or even through offline channels such as phone orders. It goes without saying, then, that a PPC campaign must generate more revenue than costs in order for it to be worthwhile

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5 Reasons To Pursue A Career In Marketing

A career in marketing can prove a highly lucrative path. As well as working towards a marketing director post with a salary that tops £100,000 you can progress a marketing career in virtually any industry or sector and you can enjoy a career which takes you all over the world. Businesses will always require marketing

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Redundancy Pay – Top 3 Recession Proof Careers

I take a look at how you can spend your redundancy pay wisely, whether you have already been made redundant or redundancy is on the cards, by taking time to consider what the best recession proof jobs are out there, and re-training so that you are safer in the future job market. Unemployment figures may have fallen slightly in

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Overview of Google’s Disavow Tool

Not so long ago, Google offered webmasters no way of excluding certain links from affecting their rankings. But in a world where links are considered the bread and butter of increasing your website’s rankings, why would anyone want to choose to disallow certain links from having an effect? In a nutshell, Google is now far

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How Big is the Internet?

Much has happened in the 22 years since Sir Tim Berners-Lee came up with the idea of the World Wide Web. When he and Robert Cailliau began their ‘Hypertext project’ in 1990, few would have imagined that just five years later 16 million people would be using the Internet. And even fewer would have imagined

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Becoming A Pay Per Click Consultant

How to become a pay per click consultant

Pay per Click advertising is one of the most effective, in terms of both cost and customers, Internet Marketing tools a business can utilise. The benefits of using PPC advertising are two fold – firstly the ad is targeted at only those who would be interested in your product based on the keywords they have

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Becoming a Web Designer

How to become a web designer

The role of a web designer is much more than being the creative brain behind the style of the website they are working on. While the look of the site (the front end) is of high importance what goes on in the back end of the site is essential to the websites functionality and the

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