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5 Reasons To Pursue A Career In Marketing

A career in marketing can prove a highly lucrative path. As well as working towards a marketing director post with a salary that tops £100,000 you can progress a marketing career in virtually any industry or sector and you can enjoy a career which takes you all over the world. Businesses will always require marketing

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Redundancy Pay – Top 3 Recession Proof Careers

I take a look at how you can spend your redundancy pay wisely, whether you have already been made redundant or redundancy is on the cards, by taking time to consider what the best recession proof jobs are out there, and re-training so that you are safer in the future job market. Unemployment figures may have fallen slightly in

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Becoming A Pay Per Click Consultant

How to become a pay per click consultant

Pay per Click advertising is one of the most effective, in terms of both cost and customers, Internet Marketing tools a business can utilise. The benefits of using PPC advertising are two fold – firstly the ad is targeted at only those who would be interested in your product based on the keywords they have

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Becoming a Web Designer

How to become a web designer

The role of a web designer is much more than being the creative brain behind the style of the website they are working on. While the look of the site (the front end) is of high importance what goes on in the back end of the site is essential to the websites functionality and the

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Becoming a SEO Consultant

Becoming a SEO Consultant /Manager

In order for a business to benefit from the revenue opportunities the World Wide Web offers it is important that their presence within a search engine is as high up as possible. In today’s faced paced and tech savvy world this means being on the first page of Google, Bing or one of the other

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Why a Career in Social Media is a Good Choice for Stay at Home Mum’s

Social Media Careers for Mums

Raising a baby is an all-consuming job and whilst many mum’s make the choice to return to work once their maternity leave comes to end, for either personal or financial reasons, there are some who choose to remain at home and to provide full time care for their child. However, unless you are lucky enough

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Becoming an Internet Marketing Consultant

Modern businesses know the importance of good internet marketing. With all the potential revenue that can be achieved via the World Wide Web it is extremely important for companies to utilise the services of Internet Marketing Consultants if they want their business to grow and flourish. Even the smallest of businesses will, at some point,

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Being Made Redundant or Been Made Redundant?

Redundancy is something that everyone in employment fears at some point or another during their working life. To have no control over it, the effect it has on your personal life, the not knowing if you will be able to find another job quickly enough to enable you to keep paying your bills – all

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The Role of the SEO Manager Post Penguin-Panda Era

In the past year Google has updated their algorithm. Twice. The first instance was given the name “Panda,” and while most people might think “Aww, cute little pandas” many SEO managers thought “It might be a cute name, but those pandas have claws, and they scratch hard.” The second update, the Penguin Update, was to

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Becoming a Business to Business Internet Marketer

While becoming a Business to Business Internet Marketer utilises most of the skills that would be needed if you were marketing a business to the general public there are subtle differences between the two. To be a Business to Business Internet Marketer it is essential that you have a good understanding of what Business to

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