Course Description

Local Business Marketing BTEC Certified

A Google Places page provides local “brick and mortar” businesses with an online presence, without the need for a traditional website, and contains essential information about the business, such as location, office hours, contact details, images, videos, reviews, and more.


More importantly though, Google Places gives local businesses the opportunity to rank on page 1 of Google for localised search terms, enabling them to attract far more customers than ever possible before!


For companies that generate business from a physical location, being listed in Google Places is a necessity for maximising visitors and profits. In fact, businesses that neglect adding their brand and address onto Google Places are missing out on a large portion of traffic.


It is free to list a business’s company name and location on Google Places, and after successfully being approved the business will appear on both Google Maps and in the Places section of a Google search. And, perhaps most importantly, businesses will also appear in the Places section of the first page search results, which takes up some 70% of the results space. As such, Google Places is closely tied in with both search engine optimisation and effective PPC campaigns.


Whether you are advertising on behalf of a large organisation or a small retail company based locally, a Google Places account allows users to find your services quickly and easily. Google Places therefore acts effectively in both brand awareness and direct response campaigns, allowing people searching for relevant products in your area to find your business.


And, most importantly, if your business isn’t listed on Google Places, then your competitors undoubtedly will be, and they will steal a large percentage of the search market from you – a percentage that will equate into lost revenue.


Being accepted into Google Places is relatively straightforward, but optimising your listing so that your business enjoys maximum visibility requires expertise and know-how.


Online Marketing College’s Google Places course will teach you all you need to know to make the most of this important facet of Google Search, allowing you to reap the profits from this very important demographic that is all too often missed by less savvy online marketers.



When you attend one of our Google Places training courses, you’ll discover how to…


1  Set up and optimize a Google Places page, and ensure a page 1 Google ranking for your business, or your client’s!


2  Customize your Google Places page to reflect YOUR company…


3  Include positive customer reviews on your Google Places page, improving your reputation and attracting more and more local custom in the process…


4  Take advantage of the new Google Places iPhone app and boost your customer-base even further! (Now you can be found by customers on the move, rather than just those performing local searches from home)…


5  Replicate hugely successful Google Places pages that are dominating their niche and exploding their profits…


6  Add YouTube videos to your Google Places page, to promote your products and services even further and build a local web presence…


7  Monitor how many people have visited your Google Places page, and where they are!


8  And much, much more!


The Online Marketing College’s Google Places training course will provide you with all the tools and techniques you’ll ever need to drive any brick and mortar business to the top of the search engine rankings, achieve maximum visibility, attract more customers and generate greater profits.


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