Course Description

Mobile Web Design BTEC Certified

There is much to consider when building websites, from design right through to usability. But perhaps the most important factor to take into account is whether the site works just as well on a mobile platform as it does on a standard PC or laptop.


Mobile web browsing is going to overtake standard web browsing as the platform of choice by 2016, so why wait until it is too late? Enrol in our Mobile Web Design course today to help you ensure that your website works just as well on an iPhone as it does on an iMac or PC.

Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, what was once a dream – that of being able to fully access the Internet from a mobile phone while out and about – quickly became a reality. Since then, smartphones and tablets have become an essential item to own, and it is estimated that by 2016 80% of all Internet users will access the web via their mobile device.


But this causes issues for businesses with websites. A standard web page that one might easily access on their PC or laptop quite often looks very different when accessed via a mobile device. It might load slowly or, worst still, some elements might not load at all. This bodes particularly badly for businesses who rely on their website to generate business and income. This is why any business that wants to ensure it maintains a good web presence for all of its users should ensure that their website is fully functional for both standard and mobile platforms.


Online Marketing College offers a Mobile Web Design course that enables you to build websites suitable for use on mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablet devices. From initial design basics, right through to ensuring that your site can be viewed across several platforms including iOS and Android, Online Marketing College’s BTEC in Mobile Web Design will give you the tools needed to build an effective mobile-enabled website.


Our Mobile Web Design course is available through distance learning as well as in the standard classroom environment, so no matter where in the UK you live you could soon be building strikingly designed, effective mobile web sites.

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