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SEO Training Course Level 3 Diploma £699

Are you a business owner?


Are you looking to start a new career with great pay and great career prospects?


Are you looking for an additional source of income that fits your schedule?


Or, would you like to learn how to gain more website visitors from Google’s organic search listings?


If you answered yes to any of the above, our Level 3 Diploma SEO Training Course can certainly take you where you want to be.


In our SEO training course we will show you exactly how we have taken a client’s website from 4,538 search visits to 20,895 search visits per month, despite tough algorithm changes that have made the SEO landscape more competitive in recent years. We will provide video proof of the search increases is included in the course to make the course to come life as to what is possible with SEO. Considering the clients average cost per click for PPC advertising is a £1 per click (and between £100 to £600 per sale), it is easy to see how this advanced SEO knowledge can lead to savings and profit.


Google earned $57 billion in 2013, the bulk of that revenue coming from paid advertising. When we consider that most people DO NOT click on paid ads and only pay attention to organic search listings, it becomes apparent that the organic search market is a bigger source of potential lead than Google’s paid ads.


Google’s business model would not survive without organic listings as the organic listings bring in the viewers, some of whom then view paid ads. By completing the Level 3 SEO Training Course you will learn how to identify exactly what Google likes to reward in its organic search results. Also how you can use this knowledge to your benefit. This knowledge will open up a number of new business and career opportunities in the field of online marketing and business development (see the ‘Career Choices tab’).

Search Engine Optimisation is key to the success of any business with an online presence. Understanding how to optimise a website in order to improve its search engine rankings is a powerful skill to have in your possession, as it helps drive new visitors to your website and ultimately, sales.


SEO is not some mystical skill that only a few masters can implement. Since the recent Google updates most SEO “masters” have been sitting around scratching their heads wondering, “what has happened, why won’t my old methods work anymore?” At the same time, we have been quietly growing our clients’ businesses. We have condensed the collective wisdom from our successes into one course, giving you proven, tested information for YOU to use in your own business.


Since the recent Google updates, SEO consultants have had to be very knowledgeable and transparent in how they operate. Demand for those skilled individuals in search engine optimisation is high, as is the earning potential. However businesses that employ the services of an SEO consultant or an in house SEO want to see that the person they are hiring is skilled, certified and able to produce a boost in rankings. Although there is no formal exam for SEO, a Level 3 Diploma will certainly help your career prospects.
This is where Online Marketing College can help. Our level 3 Search Engine Optimisation Diploma will give you the skills, tools and knowledge needed to start a career in search engine optimisation or use the skills in your own business.


Our SEO Training Course in Search Engine Optimisation not only provides great course content but also comes with a Level 3 Diploma, indicating advanced skills and knowledge to prospective employers. The Level 3 Diploma is awarded online when you complete and pass the course. If you would like a hard copy of your Level 3 Diploma for your portfolio, we can provide it to you on request.


Please click on the course contents tab for a full breakdown of the course contents

What Does Our SEO Training Course Cover?


During our online SEO training course, our search engine optimisation tutor will reveal the exact process for optimising a website and many tips and tricks to become a SEO whiz.


This SEO training course will include these modules:


Why SEO over other marketing methods


SEO Terminology


Live video case study showing a clients search traffic, increase from 4,538 to 20,895 organic visits per month


How search works


How Google started and where they are today


Keywords and Intent


Keyword Research – we will show you four different research platforms, to maximise your keyword research efforts. Keyword research can make the difference between producing poor SEO campaigns or fantastic SEO campaigns.


Trends For Research


Multi Engine Research


Competitor Keyword Research


You Tube Keyword Research


Why On Page SEO is Important


Title Tags – How to implement them correctly and increase traffic levels to existing websites


Meta Tags – How to write and implement the perfect meta description that will increase click through rates


Header Tags – Why header tags are important, how they can reduce your bounce rates, case studies showing good use of heading tags


ALT Tags – Why they are important and how they can increase traffic to your website


Great Body Copy – The content on a page is really important, it adds visual value, helps your SEO efforts and increases conversions.


Triple Your Website Visitors – We will show you a neat little way to increase the website visitors from new or existing content.


SEO Copywriting in 2014 – We will look specifically at SEO copywriting in 2014, this is a comprehensive guide to SEO copywriting.


Mark up schemes – In this module you will use our new SEO tool to create mark up schemes, this will give you an edge over most other websites as its a something that Google


Internal linking – We will show you how to interlink and how to leverage interlinking properly


External linking – The myths of external linking and how external linking should be implemented


Increasing Visitor Engagement


Silo’s and Site Structure – The overall structure of your site is paramount, so is the way its linked.


Status Codes – What codes are friendly and what codes need addressing and how to address them correctly.


Authorship – Although authorship is not recognised by Google anymore in search results, it is still important from a schema aspects and promotion point of view.


Website Security – Giving a website extra security can actually improve your search rankings, in this module we will show you and e


Choosing a Domain – Picking the right domain name is tricky, we will give you best practices and guidance on what is the right type of domain for different situations.


Webmaster Tools Intro


Webmaster Tools


Google Analytics


Software Intro


Setting Up Keyword Tracking


Safety Settings


Finding New Keywords


Keyword Efficiency


Keyword Difficulty Guidance


How To Uncover Not Provided Keywords


Monitoring Your Competitors Rankings


Universal Search Tracking


Wrong Page Notifications


See Your Rankings Internationally


SEO Event Tracking


Auditing Websites For On Page SEO Purposes


In Depth Site Stats


Creating a XML Sitemap


Managing Your Robot Text File


Optimising Landing Page Content


Setting up a Back Link Project


Analysing Your Back Link Quality


Link Penalty Overview


Connecting Analytics To Get Back Link Traffic Stats


Compare Link Profiles


Create a LA Project and Import Data


Finding New Link Opportunities


Creating a Link Outreach Campaign


Checking Your Links are Live


Schedule Your Predefined Tasks


Creating and Editing Word Spaces


Using Report Templates


Quick Report Delivery to Clients


Exporting Data


Automating Captures


Different Types of Back Links


Back links in 2014 what is working and what not to do.


How To Get Your Editorials Approved


Finding Traffic Partners Manually


Link Baiting in 2014


Indexing Links


Secret Twitter Links


Alerts Save Time


Delicious Content Partners


Reverse Engineering


Resource Pages


Local SEO


International SEO


Combating Black Hatters


Putting It All Together


Algorithmic Penalties


Manual Penalties


Identifying Harmful Links


Contacting Website Owners


Disavowing Links


Filing a Reconsideration Request


Negative SEO

After completing the Level 3 Diploma in Search Engine Optimisation you will have many different career choices here are just some of your options:


1. SEO Consultant


2. SEO Manager


3. Develop Your Own Business


4. Website Auditing Professional


5. Link Forensic Expert


6. Become a Lead Generation Business


7. Local Business SEO Expert

No prior learning is required to enrol on our SEO Training Course. As long as you are willing to learn and put the effort in to succeed then we believe anyone can complete the course with a pass mark.

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