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Social Media Marketing BTEC Certified

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest – these are just a few of the social media sites in use by millions of people worldwide every day.


Canny businesses’ learnt early on that one of the most effective ways to get their message across to their target audience was to harness the power that social media offers. Online Marketing College’s BTEC in Social Media Marketing offers the skills and knowledge needed to effectively use social media to promote any business.

BTEC Certified Social Media Marketing


In the past few years social media has become an everyday element of most people’s lives. In 2011 the global market research company Nielsen revealed that social media accounted for almost a quarter of the time people spent on the Internet, and that 70% of people trusted the opinions posted on social media sites by fellow consumers above and beyond the opinions of industry experts.


Additionally, 70% of all purchases are now made online, and a business which promotes itself via social media is more likely to convert a site visit into a sale than a business which does not. A business that doesn’t harness the many social media options freely available in order to facilitate business growth could find they end up losing both potential and existing customers.


With the Internet playing such a massive role in the day to day lives of their target audience, marketing companies have found that they have had to adjust the marketing methods they use. Gone are the days when print, radio or television adverts were the main marketing tools used, nowadays marketing companies are as likely, if not more, to use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as a way of getting their clients’ message across.


In fact, marketing professionals are finding that marketing via social media is a more effective tool in many ways – not only is it a cost effective way to promote brand awareness, but it is also proven to be an effective form of direct response advertising. Indeed, many businesses enjoy a boost in revenue through the effective use of these social channels.


However, one of the major benefits to social media marketing is that, unlike TV or radio advertising, with the correct knowledge and training it can be undertaken by the small business owner with limited time and budget just as effectively as it can by the marketing company with its many large multinational corporations as clients and the large budgets they dedicate to promoting their brand.


The demand for marketing professionals with qualifications in social media marketing is growing daily, and now is the perfect time to tap into this skillset. So, if you want to venture into this exciting niche area of marketing , be it to promote your own business or perhaps to help you gain employment as a social media marketing consultant with a recognised marketing company, contact Online Marketing College today on 0800 879 9139 for more information about our BTEC in Social Media Marketing.

What Does Our Social Media Training Course Cover?


The Online Marketing College’s Social Media training course will teach you everything you need to know about the three main social media marketing tools; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Facebook – You’ll be shown by our team of social media marketing experts how to correctly set up your Facebook pages, promote your products and services, find customers, create Facebook Fan Pages and use Facebook’s advertising service to generate even greater profits.


Twitter – We’ll also show you how to create a hugely successful Twitter account that’s specifically tailored for business use, as well as reveal our most deadly and profitable twitter marketing tactics that will drive lorry-loads of customers towards your websites!


YouTube – This course will also teach you how to build your very own YouTube channel, allowing you to create and promote top-class marketing videos for your products and services, fire your YouTube videos to the top of the search engines (bringing you even more customers) and integrate those videos into your existing websites.


And on top of that, you’ll also be taught how to use, and profit from, many more of the latest, greatest and most powerful social media marketing tools!


To book your place on our Social Media training course and find out how Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are currently being used to explode the profits of businesses all over the world, then give us a call on 0800 879 9139 , or get in touch via the contact page.

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