Course Description

Video Marketing BTEC Certified

Business marketing has changed considerably in the past fifteen years. Gone are the days when radio and print advertising were king; now a new style of advertising has emerged: video marketing.


Online Marketing College’s BTEC in Video Marketing will provide you with all the skills needed to design and produce stunning videos to engage your target audience. The course also explains the importance of video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, and how best to use these sites as a way of promoting your brand.

Over the past few years businesses have found that using the Internet as their primary point of advertising has proven to be far more effective than both newspaper and radio advertising. One of the more popular forms of advertising that has started to be used in the last couple of years is video marketing.


Video marketing has proven to be effective in several ways. Firstly it engages the viewer in a way that a standard text advert cannot, making it the perfect option for businesses that want to capture the attention of a busy on-the-go person. Secondly, having a video on the landing page of your website improves your Google ranking – a recent study showed that websites with a video were 50% more likely to appear on the first page of Google than websites without.


But using video as a form of marketing doesn’t mean that businesses need to hire the services of an expensive advertising company. By choosing the Video Marketing course with Online Marketing College, we can show you how to achieve results for yourself.


With our Video Marketing course we will teach you the best methods for designing and marketing videos for your website and other platforms, such as YouTube. And at the end of the course you will be awarded with a BTEC certificate in Video Marketing.


Part of the appeal of Online Marketing College’s BTEC Video Marketing course is the flexibility it offers our students. This course can be studied for in a number of ways, including traditional style classroom learning. But perhaps our most popular form of study for this course is via our distance learning option, meaning that no matter where in the country you are located or what limited time you have available, you will still be able to study and earn a recognised BTEC certificate in Video Marketing at your own pace.

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