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Internet Marketing ConsultantIn the mid to late 1990’s when the Internet started to become a common feature in people’s everyday lives, businesses started to turn to specialist Internet Marketing Managers and SEO Consultants to help them increase their online profile and revenue. These consultants were good at their job because they knew about the technical side of the World Wide Web and how to make it work in a way that would benefit their clients. At this time website content would quite often be top heavy with keywords, or keywords would be hidden at the bottom of page in invisible text. These methods, among others, were used to increase the page rank of a website.

Since then search engines, such as Google, have taken measures to prevent these types of things happening, with the intention being that only well marketed websites that contain good quality and original content will achieve that much sought after high page rank. In introducing these measures Google have also made the role of the Internet Marketing Manager or SEO Consultant much more transparent and easier to understand.

No longer is Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation purely the domain of a small group of individuals – now, if you have some knowledge of the Internet, and more importantly, the drive to succeed then you too could become an Internet Marketing Manager, either as an employee in a company or even by going into business by yourself.

Since the recent updates to Google’s algorithms the need for qualified SEO Consultants and Internet Marketing Managers has increased considerably. And with social media playing an ever increasing important role in influencing a person’s purchasing decisions it has become more important for Internet Marketing Managers to understand every niche area of the Internet; from SEO, Google Pay per Click advertising, Social Media Marketing, blogging platforms such as WordPress, and how using video marketing can help increase a client’s online presence, plus much more.

For people considering a career within these areas job opportunities are more forthcoming if you have a recognised qualification on your cv.Online Marketing College offers courses covering all areas of Internet Marketing – individually each one will result in a BTEC qualification in your chosen subject. However, for even greater opportunities our fully comprehensive Internet Marketing course covers all of the individual niche areas and provides you with an Advanced Diploma BTEC. In addition to improved job opportunities those fully qualified in Internet Marketing will find that their earning potential is also greatly increased – the average annual salary of a qualified Internet Marketing Manager can be in excess of £70,000, whereas an SEO consultant who only deals in that specific niche area might find their salary to be around £40,000.

Our BTEC courses take place at our four study centres across the UK; London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham. They take the form of blended learning, where students combine home study with class room based seminars. In addition to blended learning we also offer a distance learning option for those who are unable to attend a study centre. If you are considering a career as an Internet Marketing Manager and would like more information on our BTEC courses simply complete the contact form on our home page and we will send you an information pack. Alternatively, our course advisors are available to speak to on the phone – call Online Marketing College on 0800 879 9139.

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