Is The iPhone 5 A Rotten Apple?

Even though it was launched in a blaze of glory only last year tests on all smartphones have proven that the iPhone 5 is the slowest smartphone on the market, according to consumer watchdogs.  Processing and memory speeds were tested and the Apple handset was last out of the seven most popular phones on the market that were put under inspection.   Two Samsung models were tested as well as Apple’s rival Google along with Sony, HTC and Blackberry and the iPhone was slower at popular tasks such as editing pictures, using apps and playing games.

The best phone in the test proved to be the Samsung Galaxy S4, which was twice as fast as the iPhone 5.  Consumer champions Which? carried out the industry recognised laboratory tests and it will be a heavy blow to the iPhone 5 fanatics who believe that their phone, the best-selling in the world, is the best.

Which? used Geekbench speed tests to score the phones, the higher the score meant the faster the phone.  As a result the S4 scored 3,188 but the iPhone 5 trailed behind at 1,664.  The speed of the processor in the phone makes a great deal of difference.  The S4 has a 1.9GHz processor whilst the iPhone 5 has a 1.2GHz.  Which? have confirmed that bigger processors do not always mean better speeds, which is why they decided to put all the handsets through the same test.

The HTC One came second in the test with the Sony Experia ranking third, just ahead of the Google Nexus 4.  However the Nexus is £200 cheaper than its rivals so it does have its advantages.

Which? believe that Apple will now upgrade the next iPhone with a quicker processor when it is launched in the autumn.  However it is the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is the must-have phone of the moment.

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