Next Generation Software For iPhone and iPad.

Apple has begun a radical overhaul of the iOS software and may be taking one of the biggest gambles in its history.  They have designed a new ‘flat design’ for its new iOS 7 software but it has already received some criticism as some fear that it will backfire on Apple as it will confuse its users whilst other critics say that it is too similar to its rival, the Google Android system.

A British born designer Sir Jonathan Ive, replacing the previous head of iOS Scott Forstall, have overseen the new software.  But experts of the industry fear that it will confuse their users because it is a massive overhaul of the look and operating system that was in place, largely unchanged visually since the original version.  Some think that these changes could prove too much for some users as the new version is almost unrecognisable, which will polarise it.  Whilst some users will fall in love with the new and different look of their phone, other users make be put off and feel disorientated by it.

Available in the autumn the iOS 7 is the first change in operating system since Ive became head of software last October.  After a power struggle within Apple Ive, who was previously in charge of industrial hardware designs for the iMac, iPad and iPhone, suddenly took over the software side of Apple thereby replacing Scott Forstall.  This was a major change as Forstall had been senior vice president of iOS software since the iPhone launched back in 2007 up until he resigned from his position last year.

The rumour amongst those in the know is that Forstall was actually forced to step down and his responsibilities were then passed to Ive because Tim Cook, head of Apple, wanted to remove anyone who had a good relationship with previous CEO Steve Jobs.  Another rumour within the company was that both Ive and Forstall could not be in the same meeting without Cook being present to mediate, although all rumours are unsubstantiated.

At the San Francisco Moscone Centre, in front of 6,000 Apple developers, Cook explained how the app store had fundamentally changed the world with over 50 billion apps having been downloaded worldwide.  Apple revealed how it has undergone a major overhaul of the Mac software and that over 28million copies of the latest version of the Mac OS software were currently in use, a slight dig at Microsoft who have had a low take-up of their Windows 8 software.  He explained that the next version of the Mac software would be called Mac OS Mavericks, which has been named after an area in California.  The new software will improve ways that you can organise information in tabs and how you now have the ability to use your living room TV to be a second screen for an iMac or laptop.  Battery time of laptops will be boosted as the new software has far better power management and tags will be the new way to organise and find your files if you are using either the iCloud or simply a Mac.  Tags can be searched for by the user in the Finder, which is built into the Maverick’s software, when they are saving a new document, or in iCloud.

Also at the event in San Francisco Apple announced the new Maps for Mac, which has vector graphics, 3D view and interactive Flyover.  When Maps for iOS was announced last year by Forstall they were heavily criticised, so Ive is hoping for a better reaction this time.  New models of MacBook Air were also announced by Apple’s senior vice president Phil Schiller, hitting back at critics who said that since the death of Jobs they could not produce any new radical products.  The new Macbook laptop has a nine hour battery due to its new low power Intel chip and has up to eight hours of iTunes movie playback.

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