The Biggest Smartphone Screen So Far!

A new waterproof Smartphone has been released with the biggest screen yet, measuring nearly twice the size of the iPhone 5 screen.  The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is being billed as the Japanese companies first “phablet” which is a smartphone-tablet hybrid.

The phone has had comparisons to the fake phone used in the Trigger Happy TV programme by Dom Joly.  However this phone has cutting edge technology and a screen six of 6.4 inches, beating the Samsung Galaxy Mega screen size of 6.3 inches.

The Xperia Z Ultra is nearly the same size as the seven-inch displays featured on a Google Nexus 7 and also the Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets, although both of these devices cannot make phone calls.

The phone is just 6.4mm thick, therefore making it even thinner than the iPhone 5.  It is waterproof and can also be written on with either a pen or pencil, instead of the usual stylus.  The phone can accept sketches or notes written with a pen but there is also the option to use the stylus too.

Sony wants the device to challenge Samsung’s dominance of the market of the large sized handset.  A study by consultants Transparency Market Research found that Samsung had 70% of the overall market in 2012 for “superphone and phablets” due to their Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 models.  This year they have added the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Mega to it’s line-up, the Galaxy Mega having the 6.3in screen.

The new phone was unveiled at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai and will go on sale in July in China, Indonesia and Singapore.  The phone is due out in Europe in September and is thought to cost around £500 if bought outright or £35 on a monthly contract.

The phone is being released in Southeast Asia first as they tend to lean towards the large-screened Smartphone devices but Europe is slowly catching onto the trend.

The phone can be submerged in water, up to 4.9ft, for half and hour.  The Research company found that 150million Android super-sized phones were sold in 2012 alone but predicted that by 2018 this number would increase to around 400million.

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