Redundancy Pay – Top 3 Recession Proof Careers

I take a look at how you can spend your redundancy pay wisely, whether you have already been made redundant or redundancy is on the cards, by taking time to consider what the best recession proof jobs are out there, and re-training so that you are safer in the future job market.

Unemployment figures may have fallen slightly in September this year, but the current unemployment numbers still make grim reading. Today, 2.59 million people are unemployed in the U.K. Some of these are made up of young people, desperately trying to find their first foot on the rung of the ladder.

But more and more people from public services and private businesses, who have years of experience and are highly educated, are also part of these statistics. If you are one of them, chances are you came away with some redundancy pay. After the stress of losing your job, and having a wad of cash in the bank, it can be tempting to go and blow it all on a holiday of a lifetime, or buy that new sofa or kitchen you’ve always wanted.

But wouldn’t it be wiser to invest in your future employment chances, by spending that money to retrain in something that you’ve always wanted to do? Or better still, in a job that is virtually recession proof and makes the best return on that redundancy pay?

I’ve done a bit of research and I would like to tell you the top 3 recession proof careers you should consider right now!

1. Education

Britain’s baby boom means that local councils are having to seriously look at building more schools. Many local businesses are getting on the bandwagon, sponsoring and creating new-look academies for kids aged from 12 -18, as a new way of funding for higher education. With the youth of today needing as much education as they can get, there will be a huge demand for lecturers, teachers and supply teachers in the future. Average hourly pay for supply teachers is currently around £20 per hour.

2. Online marketing and video marketing

With new businesses popping up all the time in a recession, each and every one of them needs a fabulous website, and it is the online marketing consultants that put these businesses where they need to be: at the top of the Google ranking searches. Retrain as an online marketer using your redundancy pay, and you could be using creative strategies such as viral videos, brilliant articles and social media on a daily basis, and the demand for your skills will be growing all the time. Expect to earn from £20 per hour, but the sky is really the limit.

3. Nursing/Healthcare

One thing that Britain can depend upon is its healthcare system. With an ageing population AND the baby boom, there is a never ending stream of customers needing top quality health care. Currently, there is a shortage of qualified nurses in the UK, and this includes private healthcare and well as the NHS. Other opportunities exist in home care as hospitals attempt encourage elderly people to be cared for at home. Hourly wages are around £7 to £10 per hour, but there is great opportunity for shift work and overtime, to boost the income.

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