Why a Career in Social Media is a Good Choice for Stay at Home Mum’s

Social Media Careers for MumsRaising a baby is an all-consuming job and whilst many mum’s make the choice to return to work once their maternity leave comes to end, for either personal or financial reasons, there are some who choose to remain at home and to provide full time care for their child. However, unless you are lucky enough to be financially stable raising a baby is also more than just being time consuming, it is also very expensive (it is estimated that it costs just under £10,000 per year to raise a child.)

It’s due to this cost, and also for personal growth, that many mothers look at a way of supplementing their household income by working from home. There are many different options available to the stay-at-home-mum wanting to work while baby naps or in the evenings – it’s just a case of knowing where to look and thinking long and hard about what you can do well in the time available.

One option which could appeal to many mums is a freelance role within technology, and in particular the Internet. It’s rare to find someone nowadays who doesn’t know how social media works, most of us have a Facebook or Twitter account that we update several times a day. And when looking on these social media sites we are likely to see tweets or messages from some of our favourite brands – but did you know that unless that brand has a specific social media department within their company then more often than not those tweets and messages are being posted by a freelancer, on the company’s behalf? There is a growing demand for Social Media Managers and companies will pay handsomely to have their messages and promotions published by someone outside of their organisation.

Obviously there is more to social media than just Facebook and Twitter and if a career in social media interests you it is important that you understand the other platforms used (such as Google+ and YouTube) and, even more importantly, keep up to date with any changes that might take place on those platforms.

The chances of gaining clients are greatly increased if you have a qualification within Social Media. It may seem strange to think that people can get a qualification in using Facebook or Twitter but there is far more to it than just posting a comment and trying to get as many people as possible to ‘like’ it. Good social media practice can help promote your clients website and their product, and in turn increase their revenue. Understanding your client’s product and the type of people you will be targeting with your posts are an essential part of building an effective social media strategy.

Online Marketing College offers a range of course’s which would suit any Stay-at-Home-Mum looking to supplement their income by working freelance in their spare time. Our Social Media training course will provide you with a BTEC qualification upon completion – it is qualifications such as this that clients want to see. Our courses are available as distance learning, or if you attend one of our study centres in Birmingham, London, Manchester or Bristol you can incorporate class room based tuition with home study – blended learning.

If you would like more information about this, or any of our other courses including our Advanced Diploma BTEC in Internet Marketing which covers every element of Internet Marketing including social media then contact one of our course advisors today on 0800 879 9139, or, alternatively, fill in the contact form on our home page and we will send you an information pack. Now could be the perfect time to become your own boss, and still be able to spend precious time with your children.


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